TKO Stick Combat!

Eskrima – Kali – Arnis Tournament




Our newest martial arts event, the Stick Combat State Finals!   All Sport Karate, Eskrimadors and Filipino Martial Arts enthusiasts around the Texas area, you are formally invited to the first Stick Combat State event that brings all practitioners of Filipino Martial Arts under one roof. It doesn’t matter what style or system you practice, you are invited to join us for one day of stick combat competition. 


Stick Combat is our newest event and only a few selected “TKO Qualifier” tournaments will be participating in the Stick Combat League.  You can check for updates online on participating “TKO Qualifier” hosting Stick Combat tournaments.   All players from each Conference will earn ranking at State.  Competitor will go by Order of Ranking.  Wild Cards Players will Draw for Order.  THE MORE YOU COMPETE AND WIN AT TKO QUALIFIERS, THE BETTER CHANCE YOU WILL RECEIVE THE #1 SEED AT STATE!