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What You Need To Wear In A Wtf Taekwondo Sparring Competition

You need

· chest (or trunk) protector

· head guard

· groin guard

· forearm guards

· shin guards

· hand protectors

· and a mouth-guard

Your sparring gear needs to be WTF approved.

You should wear your groin, forearm and shin guards underneath your taekwondo uniform.


Taekwondo Sparring Techniques You Can Do


Basically you can punch (with a clenched fist).

And you can kick with any part of your foot below your ankle.

No other techniques are allowed only punches and kicks.

You can kick to two places. Your opponent's chest protector or head.

You can punch your opponent's chest protector. (Although it's got to be a very powerful punch to score!)

You can't punch your opponent in the head or face.

You can't kick or punch your opponent's spine or below their chest protector.

Taekwondo “Modified” Sparring Rules - Scoring Points


· You get one point for a basic attack to your opponent's chest protector.

· You get two points for kicks that involves a spinning technique to body or a kicks to your opponent's head.

· You get 3 points for kicks that involves spinning technique to your opponent's head.

How Do You Win In Taekwondo Sparring


At the end of the round the winner is the player with the most points.

You can also win if a player cannot continue from an non illegal injury.

If it's a draw after the round then there is a golden point round. The first player to score a point in this round wins.

If no-one scores a golden point then the winner is the player who shows the best technique in the golden point round.


Taekwondo Sparring Rules - What You Can't Do

These are the common things that give your opponent penalty points

· Stepping both feet out of ring

· Evading by turning your back on your opponent

· Intentionally falling down

· Avoiding the match

· Grabbing, holding or pushing your opponent

· Attacking below your opponent's waist

· Pretending to be injured

· Butting or attacking with your knee

· Hitting your opponent's face with your hand


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