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Please enter the required information and pressed the "Submit" button when finish.  Remember to use the Division Chart above to check the correct Code Numbers below to insure the event you are competing in is accurate.  ORDER of seeding will be based on the results from Tournament Tiger's website.  Click the "TKO League", then Click the "LEADER BOARD" to see your points .   


IMPORTANT .... Make sure to also submit your payment and follow the direction below.  

Liability Waiver:  


By submitting the registration online I, the undersigned, do hereby release Wayne Nguyen,  TKO (Texas Karate Organization), and all other persons associated with this event in any capacity, from any liability due to injuries, etc. that may incur as a result of my attendance or that of my child, and/or participation at the Karate Championships event.


Furthermore, I hereby permanently waive any compensation whatsoever for the use of picture, videos, media coverage, etc. utilized by those associated with this event which may be used for profit making purposes, I clearly understand the fighting aspect of this sport and competition involves bodily contact.  I have read, understand and agree to abide by the rules associated with events and assume all responsibility and any associated liability for infringement of such rules. Additionally, I am fully aware of my personal medical condition and hereby certify that I am mentally and physically fit to compete at this tournament and also understand that a valid birth certificate should be present to compete at the Tournament.


Please Note:  Once you Submit the Online Registration you will need to send payment using PayPal. Click the PayPal link below and then select the "Send Money" link.  Enter our Email address to send your payment.   Remember to send payment to (please Copy and Paste to insure payment).   Any online registration without payment will not be processed.  Make sure you include the "Competitor's Name"  when sending your Paypal payment in the comment box.


We do not send email confirmation from us when you submit your registration only if there is no payment, so there is no need to contact us.   We will match your Paypal with your registration.  Any problems we will contact you by Email if there is no Paypal payment sent.  As a precaution, please print and bring a copy of the Paypal reciepts with you on the day of the event.    


Thank You