This is for Single Combat Weapon Sparring.  Must use one hand to strike.

Required Gear
Action Flex escrima sticks, headgear and gloves from Century.  (NO Wood Escrimas allowed).  Actionflex escrima stick will be the official gear. Sizes are 28 inches for teens/adults and 24 for the kids 11 &under. We will provide gear unless they have their own.  Other similar escrima sticks must be checked by the official for approval.


Legal Targets

The entire body with the exception of the groin, stab to the eyes, and any neck area not covered by the headgear.


*10 points or 2 minute rounds
*Max of 3 points at any one time.
*1 point for strike to legal target area
*2 points for a strike to the head.

*A combination strike technique (body & head strike consecutive), the higher scoring strike will be counted.
*Add one point for any successful jumping technique
*1 point for strike to the hand only if the opponents is disarmed as well as dropped
weapon penalty. So a total of 2 points awarded. (No point for strike to the hand and not disarmed)


Dropped Weapons
1 point awarded to competitor if opponent drops the weapon. Procedure: confirm drop, award point for drop, then call for points if necessary.  “Drop penalty” is in effect from bow in to bow out.  A scoring strike is worth 0 points if the weapon is dropped during their strike.


Strikes must be effective and under control.  They need to be solid hits, no blind strikes.


Warnings and Penalties
Excessive/illegal Techniques include takedowns, kicking, or punching, throwing or grabbing, or stabbing with handle. Checking with live hand (weapon less hand) is legal.  For safety concerns, competitors may go to one knee during technique, but not both (no splits). (This is so that someone can get back up quickly. Live hand should not touch the floor.