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2023 TOP GUN

TKO's TOP GUN Award is the highest award given to a competitor! Winners will receive the TKO plaque award and TKO "Gold" ring! To qualify, a competitor must compete, and win 1st place in as many "TKO Qualifier" events as he/she qualifies. A competitor can earn points in creative weapon, traditioanl weapon, creative kata, traditional kata, point sparring, stick combat and breaking! The more TKO tournaments you attend and win 1st place, the more points you will accumulate.


Competitors wanting to compete for this prestige's award, must download the application link and email back to to us at   Deadline to turn in your application is by end of May of 2019.  We will confirm your application by email once it's received.   

All Top Gun participants must track their 1st place wins, and turn in your results by the end of September.   To track your 1st place wins, you can go to and view your seedings.  Points not listed on the website will not be allowed.   You must contact the promoter of the event to correct your seedings in order for us to confirm your points.   

We will award all "TOP GUN" winners on stage at the TKO State Night Time Finals.


TKO’s 2021 Top Gun Award “Competitor of the Year”  (11 total awarded)


Junior Under Belt Boys 12-17

Junior Under Belt Girls 12-17


Junior Under Belt Girls 11-

Junior Under Belt Boys 11-


Junior Black Belt Boys 17-

Junior Black Belt Girls 17-


Adult Under Belt Men 18+

Adult Under Belt Women 18+


Adult Men Black Belt 18+

Adult Executive Men Black Belt 35+

Adult Black Belt Women 18+

Adult Executive Women Black Belt 35+

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