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Ratings / Rankings

WKL will have several ways for a competitor to earn points and qualify for World Finals!  Each region will be independent and have separate ratings.  Each region will have their own State/Regions qualifier and tabulation.  This simply means there will be several #1 seeds for World Finals. NOTE:  The  #1 competitor with the most points will ultimately determined the #1 position during the final runoff. All other tiers will run similar format from the lowest to the highest seed competitor.


All regions are considered a World Qualifier!  Each Region sanctioned with WKL, will be a  “World Qualifier”.  A competitor that placed 1st place at a World Qualifier will have a preferred seed at World Finals.   THE MORE YOU COMPETE AND WIN AT WORLD QUALIFIERS, THE BETTER CHANCE YOU WILL RECEIVE THE BEST SEED AT WORLD FINALS!  

At World Finals, there will be 3 tiers for every division. Player's winning 1st in the Regional World Qualifier, will be placed in the "Division Grand Finals". The 1st tier will be the non seeded (wild card) run-0ff, followed by the seeded players and then the Division Grand Final. Listed below are the 3 tiers used at WKL World Finals:

Tier 1 - Non seeded (wild card) run-off will compete first in the "Wild Card" bracketing to determined one winner. Winner of the "Wild Card" will then be placed in the "Division Run-Off".

Tier 2 - Division Run-Off composed of all seeded competitors except the #1 seed from each region. In the weapon, traditional and kata divisions, seeding will run in the order from the lowest to the highest point earner. A single elimination bracketing will be used for point sparring, continuous sparring, sport mma, grappling and stick combat, with standard seeding rules apply i.e., highest rated against lowest rated, second highest vs second lowest, etc. The winner of the run-off will then compete in the "Division Grand Final"

Tier 3 - Division Grand Final - all #1 seed from each region will be placed in random order in weapon, traditional and kata divisions. A single elimination bracketing will be used for point sparring, continuous sparring, sport mma, grappling and stick combat to determined 1st, 2nd and 3rd place World Champion!

WKL will only track points for “World Qualifier” tournaments!   A competitor can accumulate points in point sparring, continuous sparring, grappling, sport mma. Breaking, creative forms, traditional forms, weapons and self defense.  All WKL “Qualifier” points from each Region events will be posted at  To view your points click "WKL WORLD KARATE LEAGUE RESULTS" to check if your point is correct.  Any corrections or lost points must notify us by end of December deadline.  You can submit corrections at our  

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