Ratings / Rankings

Due to the on-going COVID-19 crisis, all TKO League events including TKO State Championship, will be hosted online “Live” on Zoom! For 2020 we are doing something special for our competitors at this year’s TKO State Finals! We will be awarding “ALL” #1 rated competitors with the 2020 State ring! All #1 rated competitors must compete in their divisions to receive the State ring. Not only will the #1 ranked competitor receive the 2020 State ring, they will have an opportunity to win the State Title and get another ring! The highest point leader, will ultimately determined the #1 position.  All other seeds will still remain the same starting from the lowest to the highest seed.  PLEASE NOTE: to save time and cost on shipping, all rings will be shipped to your Dojo/Team (unless you are the only competitor from your dojo, it will be shipped directly to your home).

At this year TKO State Finals, we will be separating “All Ranks” in the creative and traditional weapons. All “Demo Team” can submit their videos by November 1st to be voted by the TKO promoters. The winner of the “Demo Team”, will receive the GOLD Championship ring awarded to your coach/school. In Addition, we will be modifying and merging all TKO rated tournaments into one region, and tracking only the TKO divisions in weapons, katas and breaking (no sparring, stick combat or grappling).

Points will be posted on EventsReg.org by September. Any corrections or errors can be submitted during that time “Night Time Ceremony and Finals” live on social media! All 1st place black belt will go for the 2020 GOLD Championship Ring and CASH! Don’t wait to earn your points before State! We still have plenty of virtual tournaments remaining to earn points and qualify for the 2020 State Finals!

Be the #1 Ranked in Texas gets the best seed for State!!!  Competitor that earns and accumulates the most points at a “Qualifier” tournament, will have the #1 Top Ranked Seed in their Region!  In the weapon, traditional and kata divisions, the #1 Top Ranked seed will also go last follow by the next in highest seed!  


Please Note:  There will be a "NO" run-offs in divisions.    We will go from lowest seed to the top seeded players at 2020 State Finals.   All winners placing 1st-8th will receive a virtual image of your placing, to be posted on our TKO League “Facebook Page” where you can copy or shared on your social media.

Following the finals, the “Night Time Ceremony and Finals” will be broadcast live on Facebook at 7pm.  All 1st place black belt will go for the 2020 GOLD Championship Ring and CASH!  Don’t wait to earn your points before State!  We still have plenty of virtual tournaments remaining to earn points and qualify for the 2020 State Finals! 

Rankings for Qualifiers and Non Qualifiers (Wild Card)

TKO LEAGUE “QUALIFIERS” (TOP RANKING)—All TKO sanction events that use TKO rules and divisions are considered “Qualifier” tournaments, and will have the top seed (Top Ranking) at State Finals!    There are 15 TKO League Qualifiers in Texas, and each will have representation of the top seeded players!  TKO will track “Qualifier” events for the competitors which will be published on the TKO website!  We have TKO Leagues (Demographic Areas) in Texas.  You can expect to see similar rules and divisions at a “TKO Qualifier” at the State Finals!


TKO “WILD CARD” PLAYERS (NON RANKINGS)—Are considered Non seeded competitors that are not rated by TKO. This simply means that a competitor did not earn points, but would still like to attend the State Finals.  “Wild Card” players will have the lowest seed in each division entered.  In Sparring “Wild Card” player must fight all “wild card” player until one “wild card player” remains.  The winner of the “wild card” player will then advance with the seeded players to compete for the state title. 


Online Point Tabulation

Please Note:  You do not need to submit your points.  Points will be automatically tabulated and  posted online (Click Link Below and Go to www.EventsReg.com  and click "TKO League Results")   Thank You 


IMPORTANT!  Even though TKO post all "Qualifier" points online, some may have errors or lost.   All competitors must check their own points at after every event to  insure everything is correct.  Please fill out your corrections/errors below, and be specific so we can assist with any corrections.