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For 2019 we have several ways for a competitor to earn points and qualify for State Finals!  We have created an “A” , “AA” and “AAA“ rated Qualifier events throughout the State of Texas!  Each TKO League sanctioned event will be a  “Qualifier”.  A competitor that earns the  most points will earn a preferred seed at TKO State Championship.  Tournaments that  is “A” rated will earn single points.   Tournaments that  is “AA” rated will earn double points, and tournaments that  is “AAA” rated will earn Triple Points.  PLEASE NOTE: THE MORE YOU COMPETE AND WIN AT TKO QUALIFIER, THE BETTER CHANCE YOU WILL RECEIVE THE #1 SEED AT STATE!


TKO will only track points for “Qualifier” tournaments!   Any errors or points earned must be submitted before the November 2019 deadline.   A competitor can accumulate points in sparring, creative forms, traditional forms, weapons and stick fighting.  All TKO “Qualifier” points from each TKO events will be posted at www.TournamentTiger.com.  To view your points click the link below and  click "RESULTS" to check if your point is correct.  Any errors you can also submit below.


Be the #1 Ranked in Texas gets the best seed for State!!!  Competitor that earns and accumulates the most points at a “Qualifier” tournament, will have the #1 Top Ranked Seed in their division for State!  All competitors earning the #1 Top Rank Seed in sparring will fights last in a double elimination for 1st place.  Stick combat will be a single elimination.  In the weapon, traditional and kata divisions, the #1 Top Ranked seed will also go last against the winner of the run-off division.  This means there will be a run-off in every division to determine “one” winner.  The winner of the run-off will then compete against the #1 Top Rank Seed for 1st place.  In other words, if you competed in more TKO Leagues (conferences) you will be honored as the #1 ranked competitor in TKO and guaranteed a 2nd place at the State Finals!  We will be awarding all TKO Qualifiers with an award at TKO STATE FINALS, all competitors must attend the Saturday night finals beginning at 7:30 pm to receive the award.


All TKO sanction events that use TKO rules and divisions are considered “QUALIFIER” tournaments, and will have the top seed (Top Ranking) at State Finals!    Listed below are the TKO League Qualifiers in Texas, and each will have representation of the top seeded players


If you have attended a TKO QUALIFIER event, please verify your points and submit the points before November.   Any corrections or lost points must be included with your total points.  


Below is the 2018 TKO Points from each TKO QUALIFER events in Texas.     Remember to check and tally your points and submit it online or by mail along with your registration.  


PLEASE NOTE: TKO Points for A (single) 1st- 12, 2nd-10, 3rd-8 and 4th on up receives 4 points 

AA (Double Points) AAA(Triple Points)

Rankings for Qualifiers and Non Qualifiers (Wild Card)

TKO LEAGUE “QUALIFIERS” (TOP RANKING)—All TKO sanction events that use TKO rules and divisions are considered “Qualifier” tournaments, and will have the top seed (Top Ranking) at State Finals!    There are 15 TKO League Qualifiers in Texas, and each will have representation of the top seeded players!  TKO will track “Qualifier” events for the competitors which will be published on the TKO website!  We have TKO Leagues (Demographic Areas) in Texas.  You can expect to see similar rules and divisions at a “TKO Qualifier” at the State Finals!


TKO “WILD CARD” PLAYERS (NON RANKINGS)—Are considered Non seeded competitors that are not rated by TKO. This simply means that a competitor did not earn points, but would still like to attend the State Finals.  “Wild Card” players will have the lowest seed in each division entered.  In Sparring “Wild Card” player must fight all “wild card” player until one “wild card player” remains.  The winner of the “wild card” player will then advance with the seeded players to compete for the state title. 


Online Point Tabulation

Please Note:  You do not need to submit your points.  Points will be automatically tabulated and  posted online (Click Link Below and Go to www.Tournament Tiger.com  click "TKO League" , then click "Leader Board")   Thank You 

IMPORTANT!  Even though TKO post all "Qualifier" points online, some may have errors or lost.   All competitors must check their own points at after every event to  insure everything is correct .    Points correction must be corrected by the promoter of the event.  If points has not been corrected by the promoter, then submit your correction so we can help.