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We are pleased that TKO is a part of THE LEAGUE circuit for the World Championship!   All TKO “QUALIFIER” LEAGUE events will be considered a “LONE STAR STATE CONFERENCE” event and rated by THE LEAGUE.  All athletes participating in TKO QUALIFIER events will earn points and earn seeds with THE LEAGUE. Competitors who meet the Qualifying Point Total will be invited to attend this years illustrious WORLD LEAGUE FINALS on October in Reno , NV.


To qualify for a Seed at the League World Finals, a competitor must earn the Lone Star State Conference Qualifying Point Total of 50 points in each of their respective divisions. A competitor may earn points in two ways. They will receive 25 points just for registering at a TKO “QUALIFIER”.  Secondly, they will receive additional points for placing in the top 3 placing positions of a division.  A competitor receives (7) points for placing first place, (5) points for placing second place, and (3) points for placing 3rd place. Competitors can view their current seeds and Point Standings online at and click under ‘Point Standings’.


Competitors attending THE WORLD LEAGUE FINALS must notify TKO headquarters first in order to verify and submit their points.  To submit your points to The League World Finals, click the link below to contact the League and submit your points.  TKO will sponsor all competitors that attend THE WORLD LEAGUE FINALS with a FREE “TKO LEAGUE” Jacket to represent Texas!  Must email us at 1 month prior to receive the jacket.


LONE STAR STATE CONFERENCE: Qualifying Point Total - 50 points

3*** Diamond Rating: (25 points for Registration, 1st place=7pts, 2nd place=5pts, 3rd place=3pts)


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